I’m so glad you’re here.


I believe in freedom.

I see so many women, including myself, who have built their entire sense of worth in how well they can love others, fix problems, make others happy. I wrestled for years with unhappiness at the deepest level because my perfectionistic, people-pleasing tendencies always left me striving and coming up empty.

But then, through a series of hard years and painful pruning, God started to peel back the layers and show me how I had become completely wrapped up in others. I had lost myself and I had lost sight of Him. Through sweet reminders of grace, authentic community, some amazing therapy and support groups, gratitude lists, and a lot of time in the Word, I’ve come to understand who God is, and who HE says I am.

The further I dig into His Truth, the more I’ve been able to release my grip on striving, on being “enough” for others, on crippling fear and anxiety. I’ve seen that peace and joy are not just pie-in-the-sky ideals, but truly are gifts that come when we root ourselves in the Lord- not in changing things of this world like circumstances, finances, jobs, or people.

If you are weary and worn out, broken-hearted with dreams dashed, exhausted from trying to be everything to everyone…. if you are waiting to find someone to love you, if you are wondering when things will start going right, if you’re not sure who you are anymore, if you are just plain tired? This place is for you.

I want to serve as a beacon of hope for you. My deepest calling and desire is to help you see that you are not too broken, not too lost, and not too far gone for God. I pray that you can start to let go of the expectations and pressures you carry, and feel a deep sense of rest. I pray that you would come to know God as your closest confidante, your intimate healer, your perfect Father, and the redeemer of your story.

This is a place where you will find encouragement. Through my writing, speaking, and worship, I share reminders of where to root your identity for lasting peace. You’ll find support for the hard days to help you keep an eternal perspective, resources for growing in your relationship with the God who loves you more than anyone else ever could, and stories of hope and freedom.

Because above all else, I believe you were called to be free.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery,” -Galatians 5:1