Photo by Natalia Sedova on Unsplash


Lord, teach me to be wide awake to


The soft pink petals opening on the magnolia tree 

Shifting weight inside my womb as baby dances and grows

Broken hearts around me, even when (especially when) they’re not worn on outer sleeves

When it’s time to say yes

When it’s time to say no


Teach me to be wide awake to


Lengthened days and later sunsets as spring approaches

Hard-wood floor under my bare feet in the mornings

The smells of fresh mulch and mowed grass and March rain

The complex stories of the ones I love

The complex stories of those I struggle to love


May I be wide awake to


Your redemption in Isaiah, in the gospel of Mark, in my own life

The loving hand holding mine as I fall asleep

Greater patience for the seven-year old stretching limits and seeking comfort

Your guidance in this season and in the small moments that make up now

Your guidance in the season to come


Lord, teach us to be wide awake