Dear Lord,

As we begin a new year, we praise you.

Lord, you are Creator. In you, we find new beginnings.

We discover and delight and praise your good works- the sunrise that reminds us that each day from you is a gift to unfold. Freshly fallen snow that shows us a clean slate. Crisp air that fills our lungs so that we can breathe anew.

Thank you for providing for all of our needs last year, and for the abundant blessings above and beyond what we asked. We praise you for all of the ways we grew, for the new people you brought into our lives, for the lessons learned, for the ways you made us more like you.

Thank you Lord for carrying us through the hardest times of this past year. We thank you, Father that you are our protector. Thank you for sustaining us and holding us when we did not have the energy or strength to walk on our own.

Thank you, too, for those hard seasons. For the pruning. For casting out the things we needed to let go of, and for sharpening us as we pushed through the trials of this past year. We also thank you Lord that in the midst of the hard, the pruning, the sharpening, the waiting, you never left us once. Thank you Lord, that when we face difficulties, you are close to us in our pain.

Lord, your Word tells us that your mercies are new every morning. We thank you that each day you begin again with us. The past is behind us, and we can move forward with your mercy covering us. Help us to walk in your power and strength today. May we remember that this new year is an unfolding of new mercies.  

As we face a new day, a new week, and a new year, help us to rely even more on you and your strength rather than ourselves. Help us to dwell on your promises and keep your eternal perspective during our day to day lives. May your Truth continue to inform the way we make our decisions, fight our battles, and build up those around us. Jesus, may we be more like you this year. Thank you for all that you have done this past year, and all that you will do in the years to come. Today, Lord, and this year, are yours.