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Airport Prayers


Yesterday was a day of intercession and prayer. Some of you shared your hearts with me, and some of you just came to my heart as I spent time with Jesus. I prayed for you on my morning run as the sun came up over the lake. I sat in a quiet chapel in an airport full of motion to still my heart and speak your names softly. I lifted you up during my day of travel, on my flights back home. And in page after page of my journal, I wrote out prayers for you.


I prayed for you to know the God of mercy and grace, rather than one of judgment and condemnation. I prayed for you, the one carrying far too many burdens, to feel the freedom to release them at His feet. I prayed for you who are aching in body and spirit- for relief and healing, but also for you to experience the closeness of a tender Savior who understands suffering. He is right there with you in this as you wait for healing to come. For you who are beaten down and battle weary, I prayed for sustenance. One day at a time, one moment at a time, to trust Him to guide you forward and to give you what you need. I prayed for Truth to be with you today instead of the lies of your past and the insecurities of the present. I prayed for you who are waiting, for a time of stillness and intent listening as you wait for wisdom and His lead.


For both of us, I prayed that this season would be one of standing on the Rock. That on the hard days, we would not be shaken or moved because we stand firm with the Creator and Counselor who holds it all in His mighty hands. He will not let our feet slip. He will never leave us. He is right here. We are not alone.