Recently, God has been placing reminders on my heart to slow down.

This summer, I finally recognized my own addiction to busyness but my schedule still looks quite the same.

This fall, He whispered to my heart that in order to heal through grief and forgiveness, I need to make space for my body to breathe. I haven’t quite found that space in full. 

I continue to try to make room in my week to celebrate the Sabbath, but I still struggle with giving Him my time and my rest, uninterrupted from other focuses and commitments. 

The truth is, I struggle to “be still” because I still try to be god of my own life.

I scramble and manage and run and burn-out. I am busy and hectic and live my life in chaos, with momentary glimpses of rest before I’m back to the hustle and grind again. 

I wrestle my schedule into place and worry about money. When my life feels out of control and I am at my worst with anxiety, I try to control the people and circumstances around me. 

None of these things bring stillness.

Because none of these actions or patterns recognize that God is sovereign.

“Be still and know that I am God.” -Psalm 46:10

So I am learning. Slowly.

That I am not God.

That a knowledge of this fact requires deeper knowledge of my Savior.

That being still is not a to-do list item but a matter of stilling my being before the Sovereign Lord. 

If you also struggle with being still, I wrote this prayer for us. Feel free to list your own reminders and gratitude of God’s goodness at the bullet points. 

“Be Still”

Lord, I praise you because You are mighty. You are sovereign. You hold this world and my world in Your hands.

I ask for Your help because I cannot do this on my own.

Father, help me to view this world through wide-eyed observance, wonder and awe instead of the narrow lens of a cell phone camera and my crowded calendar. 

To start my day savoring the Word instead of consuming the words and images of strangers in my incessant scrolling.

To stop clinging to control of my schedule, money, relationships, so that I can open my hands to receive simple joys…

  • A small red leaf in my path in the midst of the yellows and browns
  • The warm sun splashed across the pillow on a Sunday afternoon
  • The autumn breeze rustling the ground
  • The smell of muffins baking in the oven
  • An acorn that reminds me of my Grandmother
  • A warm mug of cinnamon tea shared with a friend while our children play with wooden trains
  • The plant on my doorstep from a sweet friend to encourage my blossoming creativity
  • An enveloping hug from the person who loves my whole heart
  • The laughter of my son
  • A glorious sunset of peach and orange, with a hint of winter in the air

Lord, my heart longs to be still rather than running through my week without stopping. Lord, I desire to be still and breathe rather than gasping for air. Lord, I’m ready to be still and surrender control.

Father, I trust you to lead.

Help me to follow




ready to listen and receive Your truth

ready to give, with Your guidance

ready to be



– – –

What are the things you notice when you slow down? What would you add to the prayer? Is this a struggle for you too?


P.S. Thank you so much, Leah Kelley, for offering this handful of acorns to the public domain via Pexels. It was the perfect fit for this post.

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  1. Thank you, Heather for this prayer and yes, it spoke to me. If only I could stop trying so hard to “be still “and just enjoy being still. There are negative consequences both in health and well being to not slowing down and somehow I continue. All I can say is that you are not alone dear friend.

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