|| O P E N ||

A suddenly free day created an expanse of time for thought around this word.


To lay beneath a tree and look through the clearings, between the branches, to take in the expanse of pure blue sky.

Space for Sabbath rest, a run by the river, cooking the stew that reminds me of my best friend.

To hold hands open, gentle, soft for whatever is placed in them.

To remove clutter, extra, the unhealthy and the unneeded. To make space for the healthy and good.

To hear other people’s stories without judgment.

To create room for those who are different than me to feel heard and loved.

Allowing my own feelings to rise up without self-criticism. Letting go, as with a breath, those that are not healthy or helpful. Holding on to what is true and will create growth.

Offering grace.

To let love in again after deep pain and sorrow.

Noticing the September around me.


What does the word OPEN mean to you today?