Looking for prayer right now? Read through the weekly prayer topics, and pick one that fits what your heart needs:

In my unraveling, rest me… (anxiety, prayer for guidance)

It Is Well (depression, prayers for peace)

Manna and Morsels (for the overwhelmed, learning to taking life one day at a time)

Shame Spirals and Learning to Let Go (for the days when shame is paralyzing, when we have trouble forgiving ourselves)

A Prayer for the New Year (for any new season/fresh start)

A Prayer for the Anxious One (even when our circumstances cannot change or we can’t see the way through, this is a prayer that God would be close to us)

A prayer for the one who feels stuck (whether you’re stuck because you’re sinking, stuck and stagnant, stuck in the dark, or stuck in indecision)

Choosing brave in the hard things (for the hard decisions, for extra strength and courage needed to step forward in faith)