This is a story for you.

The one who feels broken. The one who is struggling.

The one right in the middle of the hard stuff.

This is a story for the one in the waiting.

For the one standing at a fork in the road, frozen on which way to turn.

For the broken-hearted soul, staring at the pieces and unsure of how you will ever feel whole again.

For the one crippled with anxiety or sitting in darkness, praying for the light.

– – –

Can I whisper something to you right now?

Freedom is for all of us. That means you, too.

Sweet friend, I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me this fifteen or ten or even five years ago, but freedom is possible and it is available to us here. In this life.

This past fall, God pressed it on my heart that this freedom thing I’m passionate about is bigger than just the story He is weaving for my heart. There are a lot of people walking in freedom, who have amazing stories of healing, redemption, and hope to share. I shared 15 of them with you from September to December, and you know what I heard?

“Amen.” “Me too.” “Tell me more.” “I wish I had that kind of story.”

Here’s the thing…

I believe that you DO have that kind of story. You, my fellow traveler on this journey, have your own freedom story. We are the wrestlers- the ones who work things out with fear and trembling. The ones who are not scared to look at the hardest parts of our story and pray for healing. Freedom is sometimes a quick turning point, a 180, or a miracle, but more often than not? It is a process.

Thank you for being brave enough to believe that freedom is possible. Not just for others, but for you too.

– – –

I am REALLY really really excited about two things right now:

  1. A whole new group of Freedom Stories, currently scheduled to begin next week (January 11) and run through the middle of April. God opened the doors for about 15 more women to join in on Fridays to share their stories here too. So check back each week for more stories of hope and freedom. I can’t wait to see the new connections, ah-ha moments, and inspiration He brings through these women’s brave sharing.
  2. Something just for YOU. I want you to know that this freedom is not just for others who have stronger faith or better resources or less messy stories. It is for you, friend. If you want to dig deeper and imagine a life of freedom, enter your email address here for a free 5-page workbook to start looking at the areas where you long to be free. More to come on this soon (to go deeper!!!), but for now, get your free PDF:

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